Foreword from the British High Commissioner to Kenya, Mr. Nic Hailey

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IMG_9937It’s my pleasure to introduce this important publication. The Doing Business Guide for Kenya will help UK businesses get the information they need to access this exciting, dynamic but at times challenging market.

Kenya is the UK’s largest trading partner in East Africa and the hub of regional business. Growth rates are some of the highest in Sub-Saharan Africa, and, in addition to sectors like energy (both renewables and oil & gas) and infrastructure, Kenya is making huge strides in consumer sectors like retail, and cutting edge industries in digital, infotech and telecommunications.

Areas such as education & skills—where there’s huge demand for UK capabilities—and healthcare are also opportunities, as demographics shift and Kenyans’ demand for better services, opportunities and lifestyles grow.

Kenya is on the move. In my time here I’ve found the country to be an incredibly exciting and welcoming environment in which to work. There is a very dynamic British business community here already, represented by the British Chamber of Commerce in Kenya, and of course our deep historical ties mean new British entrants to the market can find partners and orient themselves quickly. British industriousness, quality of goods and services, and sense of fair play is respected here.

There are of course challenges, but that’s why guides such as this one are needed and can be so helpful, and that’s why we have a dedicated Department for International Trade team at the High Commission in Nairobi who are here to help you find success in this market.

Karibu Kenya!


Mr. Nic Hailey 
British High Commissioner to Kenya


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