Introduction from Graham Shaw, Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce Kenya

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the “Doing Business in Kenya Guide”. This guide will provide essential information, assistance and support the UK companies considering doing business in the Kenyan market.

The information in this guide will give you what you need about Kenya and offer you the opportunity to work through your market issues and learn how to enter into the Kenyan market successfully. The guide will cover details in terms of setting up business or exporting within different sectors in Kenya.

The British interest in Kenya stems from our shared history, enduring friendship and vital political, economic, commercial & cultural interests.

There are many reasons that make Kenya a lucrative market for businesses in the UK:

  • Kenya is  the 6th largest economy in Sub Saharan Africa

  • It is home to 44 million people

  • It is the regional hub for trade and finance in Eastern Africa and the natural entry point to the region.

  • Kenya has a market-based economy with a liberalised foreign trade policy.

  • The World Bank ranked Kenya as the 92nd country globally, in its Ease of Doing Business Index in 2016.

There are over 210 UK companies operating in Kenya, with bilateral trade between Kenya and UK exceeding KES.139 billion (£1 billion). British Chamber of Commerce Kenya (BCCK) has a membership that is continuously growing, currently with over 200 active members ranging from FTSE 100 companies to individual British consultants working in Kenya. The membership is wide spread and multi sectorial, adding value to the economic development of Kenya. The British Chamber Sterling members are among the largest tax payers in Kenya and the Chamber members directly employ more than 200,000 people within country.

BCCK service offering for members include:

  • Effective networking and informative events.

  • Encourage, support and lobby for local legislation or governmental policies beneficial to the business interests of members.

  • Lobbing and addressing issues that hinder businesses.

  • Assist in advocacy and policy development within Kenya.

  • Provide market insight on specific sector information, including start-up, legislative and tax requirements.

  • Provide links and introductions to local business for partnerships or joint ventures.

BCCK supports and encourages businesses from the UK to do business with and export to Kenya. We work closely with the British High Commission, Department of International Trade and other British Chambers in the UK and in Europe to promote the business opportunities Kenya has to offer.

We wish you every success in your endeavours and we look forward to supporting, and working with you in Kenya.

You are welcome to join us at our networking and social events to learn more about the Chamber and our offering.

Karibu Kenya.

Graham Shaw
Chairman, British Chamber of Commerce Kenya (BCCK)


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