About Us

Adept Systems is a premier Human Resources, ICT and Financial Systems development and advisory services provider. Established since 1994, our client base is varied including: manufacturing, services, finance and banking, NGOs, regional governments and bilateral organisations among others. Our presence in the SME sector is also considerable. Based in Nairobi Kenya, we serve upwards of eight countries across the East and South African Region.

Our Expertise

Recruitment & Selection

We have a track record of providing high quality recruitment services across a variety of professions and levels of seniority. Our expertise is augmented by experience gained from human resources consultancy assignments. These help to broaden our understanding of job roles and the skills and competencies required to execute them.

Human Resources Advisory Services

We are HR generalists providing the gamut of services that a typical HR department would provide but doing so at an expert level. To many of our clients, we augment these internal skills by providing strategic input, assisting them to restructure and optimise their operations or untangle industrial relations hitches. Speciality areas are: supporting start-ups and advisory services for mergers and acquisitions.

Our Services


Job Description Development, Head-Hunting, Interviewing, Candidate Profiling, Reference Checking and Contract Negotiation

Human Resources & Organisation Development:

Organisation Development, Business and Operational Reviews, Industrial Relations Advisory Services, Job Evaluation & Grading, Salary Structure Development, Policies & Procedures Development, Succession Planning and Performance Management

ICT and Financial Systems:

Project Management, Systems Design & Development, Accounting & Financial Systems, IT Research & Development Procurement & Implementation, Computer System Diagnostic Reviews

Our Approach

Our firm works to optimise the quality and efficiency of both human and management systems that are available in your organisation. Our approach is collaborative; we are flexible and will adopt our support to evolving requirements ensuring that our deliverable serves your actual needs even where these differ from the original terms of reference. We are not afraid to partner with other experts in case you require support that is outside our scope.

Our Team

We have a permanent team of 15 consultants and a large number of professional associates, both local and foreign, who can be called upon at short notice. A number of these have been involved in consultancy work for more than 10 years.

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