At De La Rue, we provide governments and commercial organisations with the products and services that enable countries to trade, companies to sell, economies to grow and people to move securely around an ever-more connected world.

Our purpose: To enable every citizen to participate securely in the global economy

Our mission: To provide governments and commercial organisations with products and services that underpin the integrity of trade, personal identity and the movement of goods.

With a 200 year heritage, De La Rue works to the highest ethical standards and stands firm in its fight against counterfeit and fraud. This, alongside an unrivalled commitment to innovation, ensures De La Rue remains at the forefront of new developments in the delivery of security and integrity to the Cash Supply Chain, in the Management of Citizen Identities and for the provision of Product Authentication solutions.


Global context

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De La Rue is a truly global business, with customers in over 140 markets, manufacturing locations across three continents, over 3,150 employees in place and our products and services in use in every country around the world.

We value each and every one of these partnerships, and using our global experience combined with local presence and on the ground support, we work closely with our customers as they seek to find the solutions to some of the key challenges faced by society today centred around financial inclusion, citizen identity management and anti-counterfeiting programmes and activities.

Financial inclusion

We recognise that financial inclusion is critical to economic wellbeing and with 85% of all global transactions currently made with cash, it is critical that the currency in people’s hands is authentic, easily available and cost effectively distributed. 

Over a third of the world’s adult population still do not have a bank account, despite the rapid growth in global financial services. New digital currencies and the growth in mobility will drive financial inclusion and improve underlying banking processes. There is a continuing role for currency as part of a diverse payments ecosystem, especially for those who remain excluded from the formal banking system. We also believe that effective financial inclusion is linked to personal identity: without an identity it is difficult to access the financial system.

From world-leading design and the integration of innovative high-security features, to safeguarding national reputations, at De La Rue, we create banknotes, banknote paper and polymer solutions that meet the individual needs of each currency and circulation environment.

Identity security

The world’s population is forecast to reach 11.2 billion by 2100, and combined with the social and economic challenges brought about by increased global travel, migration and security threats, the need for every person globally to have a legal and secure identity has never been greater.

The World Bank says that 1.5 billion people worldwide have no formal identification. This is a huge challenge for many countries as it prevents development assistance reaching the people who need it most. A secure identity allows all citizens to receive their state provided benefits, in terms of health, education and social protections. Identity security also provides solutions to the challenges of mass migration and new forms of terrorism. It creates the foundations for the establishment of e- government services. The critical starting point is effective birth registration – in a world where a million children a week are born without a birth certificate.

De La Rue are global specialists in citizen identity management, we deliver passports and national identity services, eGovernment and complete identity data management solutions, appropriate to specific needs and individual requirements.

Anti-corruption & counterfeiting

The total value of counterfeit and pirated goods in 2015 was estimated to be US$1.77 trillion. The consequences of illicit trade are far reaching and damaging for society; stunting socio-economic growth, risking citizens’ health, fuelling criminal activity and damaging brand reputations. To combat illicit trade, the authenticity of products needs to be guaranteed from source to consumption.

Preventing counterfeiting and corruption is key in the fight against illicit trade. Funds diverted from the  formal economy get diverted into areas of crime and terrorism, when otherwise they can be used by governments to meet their own development needs. Because of this, governments are denied tax revenues on regulated goods and citizen confidence and safety is undermined when counterfeit money or goods enter the supply chain. Moreover, when counterfeit goods enter their supply chain, companies’ profits and brands are impacted, reducing their role in leading productive growth. There is a growing global movement to ensure corrupt practices are eliminated so that money can be reinvested in fighting poverty, building infrastructure, creating jobs and protecting the environment.

At De La Rue, we create and deliver secure physical identifiers in the form of tax stamps and product authentication labels, as well as digital software solutions that help to protect from counterfeit and illicit trade, secure revenues and safeguard reputations.

Our promise

De La Rue’s purpose is to enable every citizen to participate securely in the global economy. A trusted partner of governments, central banks and commercial organisations, we deliver products and services that underpin the integrity of trade, personal identity and the movement of goods. As a global enabler we can help governments around the world meet their commitments to both citizen and society.

Our work is centred on providing a bespoke and flexible solution that meets the specific economic, cultural and social needs of the country.


De La Rue in Kenya

Delarue Citizenidman GrandfatherchessDe La Rue has been working in Kenya since the country’s independence and has developed a long and proud history with both the Kenyan people and its government. During that time, many varied and significant projects have been delivered including and possibly most notably, the print and production of their currency for more than the last 50 years.

In 1991 De La Rue were invited to invest and build a banknote printing plant in Nairobi. 25 years later and in addition to the over 30 countries around the world that have Kenyan made banknotes in circulation today, the site also produces cheque books and a wide range of other security documents. The De La Rue factory was the first in the region to be accredited to personalise VISA cards and has recently invested in the latest chip & pin smart card technology and capabilities.

National security

Having a banknote printing facility in-country delivers extensive benefits for the Kenyan currency.  First and foremost is the sovereignty of their banknotes; production within its own national borders ensures improved control and certainty of supply – an enviable position that most of the world’s nations would welcome to be in.  National security is also further enhanced through reduced risks of transportation; The Central Bank can take frequent, local and smaller deliveries of their currency with finished banknotes travelling just short distances to their final destinations as opposed to requiring complex large volume sea transportation and then multiple in country transfers and distribution.

Securing borders

De La Rue also works in close partnership with the Kenyan authorities on the delivery of the nation’s passport. Seeking to protect national borders and citizen identities, the Department of Immigration Services recently unveiling their new ePassport with enhanced designs incorporating the latest security features and design techniques and also a new style polycarbonate bio-data page. Go live of the new system and document is scheduled for early 2017, at which point, Kenya will become the first member state of the East African Community (EAC) to launch a fully compliant ePassport, meeting both ICAO global specifications and those additional requirements set by the EAC themselves.

Investing in country

Delarue Cashsupplych WomanwalletfullIn August 2016, De La Rue announced it had signed an agreement to enter into a joint venture with the Government of Kenya. Strengthening and building on the existing relationship, the new joint venture will see the Nairobi facility enhanced and turned into a Centre of Excellence for banknote and security printing for the Group and will continue to supply both the domestic and export markets with high value products.

Currently employing in the region of 290 local people, De La Rue has contributed extensively to the local economy over the last two decades through factory investment, the payment of taxes, wages and local purchases. In addition, technology development, skill transfer, education support, sponsorship and a wide array of charitable activities also benefit the local community.

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