GEMS Cambridge International School Nairobi (CIN), was the first foray into the East African market by the world’s largest private school group GEMS.  Founded as a small family run school, GEMS has evolved into an international company with a mission to provide quality education to all. Your child will become an important part of the global network of awarding winning GEMS schools, which comprise more than 250,000 students from over 150 nations, studying in 14 countries around the world. This cross-cultural experience is further enhanced by special initiatives which link our students to other non-GEMS schools around the world.

CIN is steeped in the GEMS Core Values of:

  • Growing by Learning

  • Pursuing Excellence

  • Leading Through Innovation

  • Global Citizenship

This is our platform for providing an innovative and academically rigorous education for students that prepares them for life in the 21st century.  Additionally, these values promote independent learning, empowering our students to succeed.

Through innovation, students find courage to challenge convention and dream of the possibilities because no idea is too small or too large if it makes things better for the learners who are pursuing excellence.

Our academic programme offers an array of IGCSes, A’Levels and BTEC courses.

We believe that the diversity of our CIN students is one of our greatest strengths. Through social interaction, experiencing other cultures and belief systems, our students become open-minded and confident young people. We seek to encourage an internationally minded approach in our students. Just the ticket for our students to succeed in an increasingly globalised world.

Located in the cosmopolitan suburb of Karen, we offer the National Curriculum of England. Our students are encouraged to reach through the stars to attain the very best education. The National Curriculum for England is a liberal and wide–ranging programme, introducing a broad range of contemporary subjects and topics. With an inspiring range of science, humanities and arts syllabi that promote a rich and varied education. 

Whether you are located in Nairobi and would like to enrol your child as a day student, or live further afield and are considering enrolling your child as one of our boarders, our school is a great place for your child to learn and grow. 

If you would like your child to enjoy an internationally respected education which prepares them for their future in Kenya or abroad then CIN is the natural choice. We invite you to learn more about how we teach and our students learn. Our aim is to build the critical thinking skills and the creativity necessary for a rapidly changing world. Our approach is holistic and we seek to encourage well-balanced individuals.  At CIN, we believe in a well-rounded education that ensures every individual student thrives and discovers their own strengths and abilities, whatever their passion or talents. 

Through creating a friendly, open and encouraging learning environment, enriched with a broad range of extra-curricular activities, we help students succeed and reach their full, unique potential.

Sending your child to boarding school is a big decision. We are here to help you consider every aspect of the living and educational experience to help you choose CIN.

We offer a safe and secure weekly or full-term boarding facility for boys and girls from Year 3, (7 years of age) upwards.

The Kilimanjaro Boarding House is a true home from home. Well-designed and welcoming with all the home comforts that students could wish for. We offer a nurturing environment, with well-defined expectations to develop responsible students.

CIN is unique in having an astro-turf pitch and all weather running track. We also have superb swimming facilities and an innovative LEGO studio. 

The Varkey Foundation, formerly known as the Varkey GEMS Foundation, is the philanthropic arm of GEMS Education. For every child enrolled in a GEMS school we aim to impact the lives of 100 unprivileged children 

The schools main goal is to nurture students' confidence and independence, giving each student the educational support they need to grow into flexible and resilient young adults. Our alumni are ready to succeed in an ever-more competitive world.

At the heart of the school there is a strong and clear ethos founded on academic excellence that begins with an outstanding early education that gives pupils a strong head-start in life. Students learn skills they need to succeed professionally after education. Exceptional teaching produces exceptional people.

We work to continually exceed expectations, just as we set educational standards for our schools; we ensure that everything we do is delivered to a high standard. We go the extra mile for our students and our colleagues; growing by learning is what students strive for in a bid to develop their potential. Along with our students, we never stop learning because each of us has the capacity for leadership.

CIN students make active contributions to the local and global community so that they can build a sustainable planet to share. We celebrate our diversity and recognize that there are many things that unite us all, build bridges of knowledge, push boundaries and unite young people and also aim to produce not just great students, but great people who live with honesty, confidence and integrity.

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