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About Infinity

Infinity Industrial Park is the first private industrial park in Kenya for SMEs. The Park is developed on a 200 acre parcel of land; centrally located off the Eastern bypass, accessible by both Thika Super Highway and Mombasa road. This prime location is a short 35 minute drive from the City Centre and Westlands as well as a 15 minute drive from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, making it the ideal place for SMEs to set up their businesses.

The Park dedicates over 75 acres to the development of world-class amenities, state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-end security. The amenities within the Park include 3 phase power, water, sewerage, and fibre optic connection to all areas. Additionally, the Park hosts a public transport stage, police patrol base, fire station, hospital, shopping mall and wholesale market. These amenities and facilities developed by the Park create an environment in which SMEs can thrive.

Of the remaining land, 100 acres have been sub-divided into industrial plots ranging from 1-3 acres to be sold to industrialists and investors. In addition, Infinity is developing over 150 industrial sheds on 25 acres. These developments will create a community of 800-1000 small and medium scale industries.

Mr. Ashok Rupshi Shah, the Chairman of Infinity Industrial Park, is the visionary behind this incredible project. His dedication and experience with previous small industrial developments drives this project from a dream to a reality. Infinity Industrial Park is envisioned to be the premier industrial park in Kenya for SMEs.


Why Infinity

“Kenya Vision 2030 is the national long-term development policy that aims to transform Kenya into a newly industrializing, middle-income country providing a high quality of life to all its citizens by 2030 in a clean and secure environment.” – Kenya Vision 2030.

Kenya’s economy is the sixth fastest growing economy in Africa and the opportunities for investors are infinite. The country is targeting further growth as per the development aims of Vision 2030. The Government has invested heavily in massive infrastructural projects such as the development of road networks, Standard Gauge Railway, Geothermal Power Stations, Lamu Seaport and LAPSSET Corridor, to name a few. These projects ensure that the economy is going to continue to grow without bounds.

Infinity Industrial Park is the perfect stepping stone that Kenya needs to achieve its goals of Vision 2030. The Park provides an optimum environment for new and old industries to be established in Kenya through the provision of world class facilities and amenities. The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) declares that “the nurturing of SMEs in developing countries is crucial to meeting the goals of improving the impact of business on society”, thus Infinity Industrial Park is dedicated to creating an ideal platform for SMEs to prosper.

Not only is Infinity Industrial Park a great asset to industrialists, it also affords great opportunities to investors. Land prices in Nairobi’s prime industrial areas have more than tripled since 2006 which is mainly attributed to infrastructural improvement and land scarcity. Infinity Industrial Park offers industrial plots with the added benefit of infrastructure and amenities.


Benefits of Infinity

Employment Creation
With the establishment of manufacturing enterprises and support facilities, the Park is expected to play role in creating thousands of jobs. This is vital for the country as we aim to become a middle-income country as per the aims of Vision 2030.

Economy and Value Addition & Growth
Factories with their earnings, will boost economic growth by various means.

The industrial sector’s share of GDP will also be enhanced. This enhanced value will also broaden direct and indirect taxes due to the Government, hence adding to the exchequer collections.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
The Park’s modern infrastructure, essential amenities and high-end services are a magnet for Foreign Investors. Foreign investors are encouraged to engage in partnerships with local SMEs as well as set up manufacturing enterprises in the park. The total estimated development cost of the projects is USD 125 million, of which approximately 50 per cent is expected to be by way of FDIs.

Technology & Skill Transfer
With the establishment of both local and foreign industries in such a collaborative environment, technology and skill transfer is inevitable. Technology transfer in Kenya is expected to benefit the East Africa Community (EAC) largely, in which the integration protocols allows for the free movement of labour and services. 

Export Promotion & Diversification
The Park supports Kenya’s development into a newly industrialising nation as per Vision 2030, thus opening up export markets in the Region, Europe, America and Asia. New products will be manufactured thereby broadening and deepening the export sector and reducing dependence on imports and saving on foreign exchange with a positive impact on the current unfavourable Balance of Payments (BoP).

Conservation of the Environment
While industrialisation is key to the growth of the Kenyan economy, it is vital that it is carried out in a sustainable manner with minimum impact on the environment. The current situation in Nairobi is seeing the establishment of industries in a scattered manner across the city. Industrial parks such as Infinity, ensure that industries are in close proximity to each other, thus able to share resources; minimizing the embodied energy in servicing the manufacturing plants.

Additionally, Infinity Industrial Park has a dedicated waste management area to ensure that the manufacturing plants responsibly handle their waste products. Another initiative by the Park is in the plantation of over 20,000 trees on site, in an effort to minimize our carbon footprint.


Amenities and Facilities

The core business of an industrial park is providing offices, industrial units to let as well as warehouses for industries engaged in manufacturing, distribution, technology and the service sectors. The key players in these sectors mainly comprise of SMEs who are looking for a favourable business environment to conduct their business. It is with this understanding that Infinity Industrial park has committed to serving the needs of these commercial enterprises by putting in place world-class infrastructure and amenities which are described in detail as below:

Police Post
Infinity Industrial Park will have a Police Post at the entrance of the park to enforce and safeguard the law as well as to guarantee the overall safety of the park. The management of Infinity believe that a secure environment is the key to success for businesses. 

24 Hour Private Security Patrol
In addition to the Police Post, the park management provide a service of a 24 hour private security patrol supported by security checks and CCTV surveillance systems.

Fire Station
Infinity Industrial Park will also have a fire station with modern disaster management equipment with a capacity to alleviate unprecedented fires and accidents. This fire station will be situated at the entrance of the park, alongside the Police Post.

The Inclusion of a well-equipped hospital with modern health equipment, an emergency unit, and trained health personnel will provide treatment services to the business community within the industrial park. The general public will also have access to the hospital which is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative by Infinity Industrial Park.

Infinity Shopping Mall and Wholesale Market
The Shopping Mall at Infinity Industrial Park will provide a number of facilities to the community such as entertainment, financial services (banks & currency exchange), supermarkets, food courts and restaurants, beauty parlours, health and fitness centres and many other retail outlets. The Mall will have an exclusive Business Lounge spanning an entire floor, usable by the industries set up in the Park.

A Wholesale Market will create an outlet for the goods manufactured in the Park. This will give the manufactures an immediate market to exhibit their goods. This Wholesale Market will also attract vendors from the wholesale market in the City Centre as it is not a congested, hectic area.

All plots will be provided with reliable 3-Phase power supply as well as underground water and fibre optic connections. Industries rely heavily on power and water for their production units and thus Infinity Industrial Park is investing heavily in these infrastructures to ensure the activities of manufacturing plants and industries run smoothly.

Public Transport Stage and Internal Shuttle Service
The Public Transport Stage is modern transport infrastructure network designed to accommodate the large number of passengers commuting from the Park to the City Centre. Not only does this facilitate the commute, public transport is vital in reducing our carbon footprint by minimizing emissions from private cars.

Additionally, the management provides a free internal shuttle service to all the workers in the the Park.

Waste Management & Sewerage Connection
The main sewerage pipeline already passes near Infinity Industrial park. Each and every single plot will be given an underground connection to this pipeline and provided with a main sewage point. Plot owners have to connect the sewage of their construction to this main sewage point on their plot and their waste will be taken care of by the advanced underground infrastructure.

Canteens and Recreational Areas
The Park provides designated canteens, public toilets and recreational areas for the use of workers within the development. This is to reduce the burden of each manufacturer providing these areas for their employees while also creating a sense of community within the Park.


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