Africa is dynamic: Showcasing new technologies, a growing middle class and progressive government initiatives, it's safe to say that Africa’s digital economy is bursting into the scene and taking the world by storm.

As of June 2016, Africa had almost 200 Million internet users with 72 million of them in Eastern Africa. With all these users, there is bound to be a number of businesses and innovations being run on mobile phones. This only increases the need for a technological platform to address different business challenges.

Oxygen 8, a company based in East Africa and a subsidiary of Oxygen 8 Group has been in the frontline of this innovation. This has seen the company come up with a robust platform that enables multichannel marketing solutions that cut across all sectors with features and is custom designed to deliver better engagement. With clients and partners that include major mobile networks, hotels, media groups, insurance and banking industry who use their platform to interact with their customers via their mobile phone through the provision of supporting voice, mobile and online services as well as integrated and digital solutions.

Oxygen8 thrives on the success of its clients and a case study of this would be the relationship between this technological company and Clouds Media. Clouds Media Group is one of the largest media powerhouses in Tanzania and has partnered with a media authority in Abu Dhabi and also has presence in the Caribbean.
This partnership has enabled, Clouds Media to integrate its services to the rest of the world proving that Africa has embraced technological innovation and is taking it to a whole new level. “We believe in the value and vision of Africa’s people; we believe that Africa deserves to be heard and seen on our own terms; we know that Africans deserve to be looked at through a different, more representative lens. Oxygen8 is about building the new digital Africa together”. ~~ Oxygen8 Africa CEO; Brian Waluchio.

Technological companies are taking Africa and the world by storm but what makes Oxygen8 stands out?

  • It’s cost effective to use. Oxygen8 focusses on the client tries to be as hospitable as possible when it comes to the cost of our services. The main priority of this company is to offer high quality services at friendly costs.

  • Reduced money risks. Everyone in business values their money and Oxygen8 provides a fraud proof system for money transactions

  • New revenue channels. Innovation has been working for Africa and it always will provide revenue for Africans. Oxygen8 provides you with the platform to bring your ideas on board and expand.

  • Customer Client Relationship. Being in constant communication with your client helps you understand what the client requires and even recommendation from your client. Oxygen8 works as the middleman between you and your client for seamless communication whose end game is to catalyse customer loyalty.

Oxygen8 is fully compliant with the latest industry regulations and standards, providing customers with complete confidence by leading the way with industry best practices. With all the innovation technology and budding population, Africa is the cover model for digital economy and Oxygen8 stands proud to be help you become a part of this: A digital Africa. There is hope in the innovative world and especially for venture businesses to thrive in Africa and globally with Oxygen8 Group. For all your queries, you can visit the Oxygen8 Group website.

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